See photos of our farm and ranch windmills on custom made wood towers. We have a lot of photos of water pumping windmill and ranch windmills that spin just for fun.


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8 Foot windmill on 25 foot tower:

8 foot windmill on 28 foot tower with tail art:


8 foot windmill on 30 foot tower:

10 foot windmill on 30 foot tower for Yellowstone Prequel 1923


10 foot windmill on 40 foot tower:

12 foot windmill on a 43 foot tower for “The Trails at Tascosa” Golf Club in Amarillo Texas

Replacing a 14 foot windmill on 33 foot tower for D R Horton Homes Santaquin Utah

14 foot windmill on 50 foot tower:

American Wooden Windmill

If you want a truly unique windmill, take a look at our reproduction of an old west windmill. The windmill is based upon the famous Eclipse 1867 windmill with a wood wind wheel and a custom-made wood timber tower. We followed the original look of the old windmill but adapted the main body of our modern windmill to provide self-oiling and automatic speed control.

Windmill Tail Art:

Windmills are like an explorer’s flag! They say I’m here and here I will stay. Don’t forget to add your custom artwork on the tail.
We will be happy to have our artist design and install the perfect windmill tail art.

PS: Our windmill buddy says, “In the old days, a windmill was a cowboy’s GPS. On the open range, he would see a windmill off in the distance and head towards the windmill to get a cool drink and take a good look on the windmill tail to know for sure that he was on the right track.

Installing Windmills:

Building towers in the shop:

Photo salute to Conner: Our great windmill helper and all around great guy!