Welcome to Big Sky Windmills.

We are Jess and Anna, and we would like to welcome you to our windmills for sale website.

In 2016 we bought a small rural property near Prescott, Arizona to graze cattle on. This property had no electric service, but it did have a big, beautiful hilltop with views where we had a 240 foot well drilled. We fabricated our own wooden tower and installed a 12-foot windmill. That first windmill and tower are still there today, bringing up water from 200 feet.

And thus began our love affair with windmills.

After moving to Montana in 2019, we designed and built a timber framed home.  We felt we needed a windmill to complete our ranch. We worked with Kevin at Rock Ridge Windmills to purchase a windmill, and then we built our own wood tower. With his encouragement we started selling our wooden windmill towers to other folks.

We are passionate about wood timber construction and pumping water with the wind. We enjoy helping our customers achieve the same dream of adding a beautiful water pumping windmill at their ranch.

Jess is a mechanical engineer. He firmly adheres to the belief that things should be designed and built to last a lifetime. Our tower and foundation designs reflect that philosophy.

Anna has an eye for design and fitting various features together into a master plan whether it’s a home interior or the layout of a multi-faceted landscaping project.

Check out our pictures of windmill projects, and feel free to contact us when you are ready for us to custom design and build a landmark for your homestead.


There is no windmill job that is too big or too small for us to handle.

If you need fully engineered plans and the supporting calculations, we are ready to work with your design team. We can provide 3-D modeling of your wooden windmill tower and assist with foundation design for all 50 states. We can even provide earthquake modeling and design approval for windmill projects in California.

Let us know if you need stamped plans and specifications for your commercial windmill project. We are also happy to help with simple projects in remote locations that use local design that has worked very well for years and years.

Your windmill should be standing strong for a lifetime, but it is important that it looks great as well. Anna keeps our engineering mindset in balance and helps make sure we give you the perfect look as well.

PS: You can click on any photo to see a larger view.