More information on the classic farm and ranch windmill for sale.

Do your windmills pump water?

You bet; all our windmills can pump water. We can help you size the windmill and pump correctly for your well or pond.

Do I have to pump water, or can I let it spin for the pure joy of watching it spin? If I don’t pump water what happens when the wind is blowing very hard?

No, you don’t have to pump water. Our windmill is based upon the Aermotor 1933 model 702 self-regulating windmill. It will furl out of the wind and control the speed automatically. Check out our friend’s video: Windmill Speed Control video to learn more.

Do you ship your towers as a kit?

No, the wooden tower needs to stay fully assembled or the wood could twist as the weather conditions change.

Do you install windmills and towers?

Yes, give us a call and we can talk about the best options for you.

Do you sell steel windmill towers?

We specialize in custom wood towers. You can reach out to Kevin at Rock Ridge Windmills if you want a steel tower.

Can I convert your windmill to make electrical power?

No, water pumping windmills turn too slow to make electricity. (No one has ever made a cost-effective conversion kit.)